Thank you for your interest in submitting to Veiled House!

All editorial services are offered without fees to authors of accepted manuscripts. VH offers a traditional royalty payment to published authors.



You’re invited to submit if after reading the following, you still feel that Veiled House will be a good fit for you. Veiled House is a traditional press–not a vanity press–and will only publish work it feels has potential for public impact.

I. Understanding Indie

More to come.

II. Desired

Veiled House is only interested in publishing creator-owned projects (of no particular genre) and highly-imaginative, professional, and motivated creators. Veiled House looks to create an experience for readers and consumers, thus recognizes that this can be done using any genre, as long as a creator has the ability to craft engaging bodies of work.

Non-fiction work will only be considered if presented in an interesting, highly-visual, unique, and artistic way.

Preference will be given to the following types of work:

  • Humor
  • Artistic/ highly-visual
  • Currently relevant
  • Series projects
  • Thought provoking/educational
  • Thriller
  • Fantasy-based
  • Travel inspired
  • Human condition (human rights, mental health, human experience, etc.)

Please DO NOT send:

  • Previously published work.
  • Incomplete projects.
  • Vulgar, considerably offensive, or erotic projects.
  • Unproofread work.
  • Fan fiction.
  • Proposal Packages with untruthful, unverifiable information.

III. Submissions

Only electronically submitted work accompanied by a complete Proposal Package and all requested documentation will be considered at the moment,  Creators should prove their sincerity to be published during the submissions process and include the following:

A Proposal Package

  • A brief, one to two page creator introduction that also includes contact information and relevant online links.
  • A simple, one-page story synopsis.
  • Copies of any artwork accompanying the work.
  • A marketing and publicity plan.

After Submitting

  • If interested, a consideration letter will be sent. Creators are required to respond to letters within 2 weeks to accept or discuss issues expressed in the letter, or simply to verify continued interest.
  • Upon acceptance of the consideration letter, a Traditional contract will be presented between involved parties, with further instructions.
  • Though every submission is valued, personal correspondence to inform creators that their work was unaccepted, may or may not occur depending on existing time constraints. If communication from Veiled House has not been made within 60 days, consider your proposal as, “unaccepted.”


Good luck!

Submit Package Proposals to:

Submissions and pitches made through social media will likely go unconsidered.